Image of Boneco Verdampfer S250 Humidifier 1 pc(s)

Boneco Verdampfer S250 Humidifier 1 pc(s)

The evaporator S250 offers hygienic air humidification, which is best suited for families with children. Thanks to the hand-warm steam, the device provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere in households with children and pets. The S250 works very efficiently and reduces the performance as soon as your desired relative humidity is reached. The simple handling, precise regulation and easy cleaning in THE CLEANING mode are the expression of the highest Swiss quality. Last but not least, the S250 has a perfume container for the application of essential oils.The evaporator system brings the water to the boil, the resulting steam moisturizes the room air in a very short time. Boiling the water guarantees bacteria- and lime-free humidification. In addition, the warm steam releases energy and thus slightly increases the room temperature for a pleasant room climate. Healthy room humidification is guaranteed – anytime, anywhere.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 154.99

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