Image of Boneco Verdampfer S200 Humidifier 50 m² 1 pc(s)

Boneco Verdampfer S200 Humidifier 50 m² 1 pc(s)

The hygienic and easy operation of the S200 vaporizer will delight the whole family. Hygienic because the water vapor is boiled before it is released and bacteria and lime are efficiently removed. The built-in fan cools down the steam, so that the mist of the humidifier escapes pleasantly warm. The device can be operated in no time at all via the rotary knob. Cleaning is also uncomplicated. Last but not least, the S200 has a perfume container for the application of essential oils.The evaporator system brings the water to the boil, the resulting steam moisturizes the room air in a very short time. Boiling the water guarantees bacteria- and lime-free humidification. In addition, the warm steam releases energy and thus slightly increases the room temperature for a pleasant room climate. Healthy room humidification is guaranteed – anytime, anywhere.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 130.00

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