Image of Black Plus Size Flapper Costume | 20s Decade Costumes ID FUN1001PL-6X

Black Plus Size Flapper Costume | 20s Decade Costumes ID FUN1001PL-6X

Sweet History The days of the flappers and speakeasies might be a thing of the past, but the look is still one that can rock any party or gathering. Some styles never get old and flappers are one of them. The dresses and style are timeless as are the fun, carefree times that we all associate with them. Even though the times weren’t always fun and happy (the Great Depression was a real drag), the people of the time knew how to make the best of what they had—and parties were never in any type of shortage. Well, maybe it's time to bring a bit of that to the present. With one of our Made by Us costume dresses, you can craft a look that's ready for a trip to the speakeasy. You'll be ready to do the Charleston to the sweet sound of jazz music! Design & Details The costume starts with a black sequin dress with matching fringe on the sleeves and bottom hem for a unique and detailed look. The dress also has a beautiful inset of silver sequins for a look you won’t find anywhere else. Pair the dress with the included black sequined headband with a feather. This look is perfect for a roaring 20s theme party, especially when you pair it with a pair of black flapper shoes and a black feather boa. You could also team up with a group of flappers and gangsters for a great group costume that will make a splash this Halloween! Yearning for the Past This classic look is perfect for those who yearn for a touch of the past! The 20s style and fringe accents really capture the look of a decade. Just make sure to pair it with one of our feather boas and some fancy jewelry to get the complete look.

Price: USD 59.99

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