Image of Bio Plas Histo Plas Capsette White 5000/cs

Bio Plas Histo Plas Capsette White 5000/cs

Features of the Bio Plas Histo Plas Capsette:HISTO PLAS CAPSETTES and UNI-CAPSETTES provide a modular, organized means for safe and consistent processing, embedding, sectioning and storage of specimen samples. Available in 16 colors which provide a convenient means of separating surgical and autopsy cases, institutions, pathologist, etc. Both the HISTO PLAS CAPSETTES are accepted by all of the current automatic cassette labelers.Cost effective, yet quality engineered to remain sealed during processing. Strategically designed slots allow for efficient solvent flow and drainage, CAPSETTES and UNI-CAPSETTES will not float during processing. Or rigid design eliminates undersized cassettes during sectioning. Special acetyl copolymer plastic is utilized to resist heat, solvents, decalcifying solutions, and problems associated with microwave processing. HISTO PLAS CAPSETTES and UNI-CAPSETTES will fit standard stainless steel, and disposable plastic base molds. UNI-CAPSETTES are sold in packages of 500 disposable plastic tops and (500 specimen) bottoms… technologists no longer need to struggle with detachment of the lid during embedding.Process/Embedding CassettesHeavy wall Construction will not floatWill not open during processingEconomical- 16 Colors!Engineered to eliminate “chatter” during sectioning 

Price: USD 282.23