Image of Between the Lies ID 101459781304928641

Between the Lies ID 101459781304928641

Author - Annay Dawson
Mystery & Suspense - - 2014/03/10 -
In the world she lived in, she had played many roles, breathed many lives, but she had purposely left one life in the dark. Jan's childhood hadn't been anything she had ever wanted to remember, so when the secret government agency called, she left her troubled past behind. Jan built a new life with her husband, but after years of running covert ops where lies and deceit were part of the game, something forced Jan to take a look at an all too familiar path. The past would rear its ugly head and Jan would need to make a choice, but she was going to have to decide on what life she would live, and how she was going to live it.

Price: USD 8.69