Image of Berker Triple socket W1 (surface-mounted) Grey Light grey 47733515

Berker Triple socket W1 (surface-mounted) Grey Light grey 47733515

Socket 3-way horizontally with hinged lid. For horizontal mounting, inserts wired, with plug-in terminals, with an introduction for 2 lines and an introduction for cable or pipe, full-seal under the bottom of housing for sealing the rear side of the casing, with random-hinged lid, manually can be snapped into the protection class IP55, easily accessible, funnel shaped mounting holes in the housing, a wago 2-conductor connection terminal for wiring included, two einrastplatze for wago 2-conductor connection terminals in the housing bottom, plenty of space for wiring under the sockets of the inserts (hollow floor), easy mounting of the insert in the casing by snapping, secure fixing of the frame on the housing via a quick action bayonet, connection terminals according to VDE 0620-1, Type DIN 49440. Housing screws and hinged lid springs made of rust-free stainless steel. Material: plastic, thermoplastic, impact-resistant.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 61.99

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