Image of Bering Lady Jag Sneakers Black White Red Talla 40

Bering Lady Jag Sneakers Black White Red Talla 40

Bering Lady Jag Sneakers Black White Red Introducing the Bering Lady Jag Sneakers: a seamless blend of style, protection, and comfort tailored for the female rider. Crafted with a waterproof membrane, these sneakers ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. The Ortholite® sole paired with a convenient heel pull makes these sneakers as practical as they are stylish. With selector reinforcement for durability and protection for your motorcycle, reinforced toe, and heel, and a transverse anti-crush sole, the Lady Jag sneakers provide comprehensive safety for confident riding. The adjustable ankle fastening guarantees a perfect fit, ensuring optimal comfort during your rides. Available in a sleek design and various colors, they add a sophisticated touch to your gear, making the Lady Jag from BERING the ideal choice for every woman rider looking to merge style with safety and comfort. Features of the Bering Lady Jag Sneakers * Material Excellence: Composed of polyurethane, nylon, polyester, and rubber, the Lady Jag sneakers offer unmatched durability and grip, ready to tackle the road ahead. * Comfort-centric Design: Equipped with an Ortholite® insole for superior cushioning and a rear pull tab for ease of use, these sneakers are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. * Safety Certifications: Meeting the EN 13634:2017 - 1 1 1 1 WR standards, the Lady Jag sneakers are rigorously tested for safety, ensuring peace of mind with every ride. Extras of the Bering Lady Jag Sneakers * Weatherproof: A waterproof membrane ensures your feet remain dry in all conditions, while the polyester lining offers breathability and added comfort. * Enhanced Visibility and Protection: Reflective details increase visibility, while reinforced toe and heel areas offer extra protection, safeguarding your journey. * Versatile for All Seasons: Designed to adapt to any weather, the Lady Jag sneakers provide consistent comfort and protection, making them perfect for year-round riding. Want to know more about these versatile sneakers or need help finding the perfect motorcycle gear? Contact us (). And don't forget to explore our Bering boots () category for more top-notch choices.
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Price: EUR 135.99

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