Image of BUILDTAK Flexplate system 350 x 350 mm FlexPlate BTFS350X350

BUILDTAK Flexplate system 350 x 350 mm FlexPlate BTFS350X350

The system consists of three components: BUILDTAK Flexplate, our unique magnetic mounting base and a standard sheet of BUILDTAK. Together, they form a system that makes the print removal process easier than ever. Designed in the most common sizes, it has been ensured that the product can be used with a variety of printers. How does it work? Simple. Pull back the adhesive foil to attach the unique magnetic holder to your print bed, apply a BuildTak foil to the Flexplate and attach the BuildTak-coated Flexplate magnetically to your base. Make a one-time adjustment to your z-height to compensate for the extra thickness of the Flexplate system, and then start printing.It's as simple as this:Remove the adhesive foil and glue the magnetic holder to your print bed.Apply a BuildTak film to the moving Flexplate.The BuildTak-coated Flexplate can now be placed on your print bed. There, it is fixed magnetically.Adjust the Z offset for your extruder to compensate for the additional thickness of the Flexplate system.Start printing. When printing is complete, simply remove the Flexplate from your print bed.If you bend the Flexplate , you can remove your printed object very easily!This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 229.99

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