Image of Aquamarine and Clear Quartz Bracelet ID 17260869

Aquamarine and Clear Quartz Bracelet ID 17260869

Blue Heron Creations
This bracelet is made with 15mm Aquamarine beads, cube shaped Clear Quartz beads and 18k Gold Plated bead caps. Bracelet is finished with 18k Gold Plated toggle clasp. Bracelet, including clasp, is approximately 9" in length. Aquamarine: Stone of courage. Reduces stress and quiets the mind. Harmonizes surroundings. Invokes tolerance. Sharpens intellect and intuition. Clears confusion. Promotes self expression. Encourages service to humanity. Quartz: Powerful Healer. Enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Aids in concentration and unlocks memory. Each piece comes with a small packet of sage for smudging, crystal meaning cards and care and cleaning instructions.

Price: USD 60.00

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