Image of Albrecht AE6199NRC CB Multi 1269902 CB radio

Albrecht AE6199NRC CB Multi 1269902 CB radio

Albrecht has developed a technical innovation for the latest version of AE 6199 and integrated it in the CB radio: The NRC noise filter.When activated, the AE 6199 NRC filters out background noise and noise when receiving radio claims and offers an unprecedented, crystal-clear audio quality in CB radio! In addition, the new VOX hands-free function enables communication in the vehicle without having to take the microphone in your hand. The radio detects when the driver speaks and automatically starts the radio transmission. The sensitivity and delay of the VOX hands-free function can be set in several stages. This means that the CB radio can be used safely in vehicles in accordance with the latest road traffic regulations § 23 (1a) StVO. NEW: With VOX hands-free function and NRC noise filter for crystal-clear reception and highest audio qualityThis text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 129.99

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