Image of Adult PJ Masks Luna Costume ID FUN2209AD-S

Adult PJ Masks Luna Costume ID FUN2209AD-S

Reluctant Fan You’re the parent. You don’t have to like your kiddo’s favorite show, especially when it’s the only thing that ever plays on the television and begins to feel like your enemy. But one day you caught yourself humming the theme song to PJ Masks. Then your kiddo leaped to the rescue like Catboy and, as if they had Owlette’s vision, spotted exactly what you needed hiding under a mess of stuff that you’d thrown on the table the night before. When you ended a frustrating phone call and had to cancel plans you’d had your heart set on, your kiddo invited you to play games at their one-person slumber party. But it was when your child looked away from another episode of PJ Masks and pointed at the moonlit window to show you a moth shimmering in its glow that you realized those kiddo heroes weren’t so bad. Design & Details Just because you’re on board with your kid’s favorite show now, though, doesn’t mean you need to join their team full time. Become a part-time partner when you dress in this PJ Masks Adult Luna Costume! The Made By Us exclusive comes with the basics to get you looking like the superheroes’ occasional ally, Luna Girl. The officially licensed costume starts with a structured jumpsuit. Zipped into the long-sleeve one-piece, you take on an armored appearance created by the print material and attached vest. The included mask helps you obscure your identity and ties at the back for easy wear. Polish the look with the pair of black boot covers that taper at the ankle to tuck nicely into your preferred footwear. Full Luna Whether you’re from a mysterious moon lineage and love moths or you simply want to take part in your child’s exciting PJ Masks playtimes, this Luna Costume for Adults has you covered! Phase into the reluctant PJ Masks fan with the three-piece ensemble. And add our exclusive Luna wig to become the full-moon version of Luna Girl!

Price: USD 54.99