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Adult Festive Elf Costume ID CA01493-S

Jingle All The Way When it comes to parties, you don't do any festivities halfway. When you showed up for family Easter a couple years back you not only had a pair of bunny ears on your own head, you had ears for everyone at your family gathering, even the dog. Not that Fido really appreciated your thoughtful nature. Then there was the time when you filled your mom's car with helium balloons on Mother's Day. While she was annoyed that she had to coral fifty balloons in her garage first thing in the morning, you got a lot of joy from your slightly mischevious gesture and she got a mother's day memory that makes a great story. So of course, when it comes to Christmas celebrations, there's no way you're going to back down. People expect a lot from you when it comes to your cheer levels, so you can bet that when you show up to a celebration, you'll be there with bells on! Product Details This ensemble would be right at home in the North Pole. The dress is made of a soft green fabric with red bric-a-brac down the front, small ruffles at the shoulders, and a ragged hemline as is the fashion at Santa's workshop. You're sure to love the included candy-striped leggings and the cute holly clip that can be used anywhere on your sweet and sassy look. You got the Spirit With a holiday spirit like yours, you might not even be required to bring anything for the Chirstmas smorgasbord. After all, you're filling everyone with good cheer and we think that's tastier than a sweet potato mash any day. But before you go making any final decisions on our behalf we'd double check with aunt Mildred, we don't want to get on her naughty list. Whether you bring a dish to pass or not, you're sure to retain your "most festive" title with this elf costume. Hey, maybe Santa will catch wind and hire you as his PR elf. There's no way you're going to be on toy making duty in those heels!

Price: USD 54.99

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