Image of Adafruit 1875 Expansion board 1 pc(s)

Adafruit 1875 Expansion board 1 pc(s)

Because the Arduino are 5V devices, and most sensors, displays and flash cards are 3.3V-only, many makers find that they need to perform level shifting/conversion. The TXB0104 bi-directional level converter performs level shifting. From pretty much any voltage to any other voltage and will auto-detect the direction. Only I²C or control lines with a lot of capacitance on them need adjustments. This breakout saves you from having to solder the very fine pitch packages that this chip comes with. Capacitors of 0.1 µF on both sides and a 10 kΩ pull-up resistor on the output enable make it usable right out of the box.

Price: EUR 11.99