Image of AMC00 Exotic Beaches 3D (updated) ID 29383

AMC00 Exotic Beaches 3D (updated) ID 29383

This animated 3D screensaver and wallpaper has 4 scenes with backgrounds featuring passing 3D-realistic clouds, swaying beach plants, among beautiful and exotic palm trees and banana trees as the bright and gleaming beach waves lap against the magnificent white sandy beaches. Watch as there is an extremely realistic animation of the beach shoring up against the white sand which is gleaming in the serene sunshine of a bright sunny sky. The water on the beach itself flows constantly in a very realistic. As the glistening 3D animated beach waves shore up, there are animated parrots, seagulls of all kinds and colours, as well as other shorebirds. Beautiful and colourful boats swim by from time to time. Exotic beaches 3D is complete with sounds of the ocean waves and sounds of various seabirds that create the perfect ambience of a beach getaway. Relax and enjoy!
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP