Image of ADA in Details: Interpreting the 2010 Americans with Disabilities ACT Standards for Accessible Design

ADA in Details: Interpreting the 2010 Americans with Disabilities ACT Standards for Accessible Design

ADA IN DETAILS Comprehensive visual interpretation of the ADA Standards for accessible design, expanded with 50% more content and comparisons with two additional codes and standards ADA in Details, Second Edition provides a visual interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards (ADAS). A comprehensive guide to incorporating accessibility thru bullet points and visual details, the book is a convenient go-to reference of pertinent scoping, technical requirements, and sourcing information. It highlights typical requirements for new projects and alterations, and also covers specialty uses such as assembly areas, kitchens, site elements, hospitality, retail, restaurants, and recreational facilities. This revised edition now integrates the 2010 ADA Standards with the 2021 International Building Code (IBC), the 2022 California Building Code (CBC), and the 2017 ICC A117.1 Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities. The book uses color to differentiate between the different standards and codes, and now includes photos for real-world examples. ADA in Details, Second Edition, includes: Color-coded comparisons between the ADA, IBC, CBC, and ICC A117.1, which help in understanding how to navigate thru the different requirements in accessibility Visual details and bullet point specifications for both newly constructed and existing facilities are color coded to identify which requirements apply Solutions for accessible routes, site features, architectural elements, restrooms, electric vehicle charging stations, and more, including public multi-family housing dwelling units Discussions and notes on various topics to be considered in new and existing facilities due to how building codes have evolved from preceding cycles Clear explanation and illustrations that synthesize various federal regulations including limited portions of ABA and HUD's Deeming Notice among other regulations Architects and designers, plan checkers and inspectors, along with facility managers and contractors, as well as everyone else involved in the built environment can turn to ADA in Details as an authoritative resource to understand accessibility compliance for places of public accommodation, commercial facilities, and public facilities.

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